In times of change, we offer direction.

We take care of monitoring and analyzing economic and social trends so that you can concentrate fully on what you do best. We draw on official statistics, proprietary or commercial databases and many years of collected panel data to estimate and classify change processes and then evaluate these against the backdrop of our clients’ objectives.

We make use of input-output analyses, create satellite accounts, conduct microsimulation analyses and carry out individual surveys, expert interviews or scenario workshops in order to examine the various aspects of structural change that are relevant to you and to determine effective strategies for the future.

Surveys of regional business landscapes

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We ask the right questions. That’s why we can provide the right answers. Our comprehensive economic expertise is combined with many years of empirical know-how. We can offer you our expertise in the form of in-house panels, or create customized business surveys tailored precisely to your concerns.

We routinely collect shareholder and stakeholder opinions, positions, and attitudes, and use this information to draw the relevant conclusions for the groups most affected by them: associations and interest groups, individual sectors, mayors or politicians, businesses, sectors and even the entire German economy.

In the case of our individual company, employee and association surveys, we use custom-tailored studies to give our clients answers to their specific questions, flexibly and swiftly.

Benefit from the experts’ views

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We know what drives the economy. We conduct regular surveys of around 100 leading economics professors on their view of political and economic developments. This comprehensive and expert knowledge is directly incorporated into our customer studies or prepared for media release.

Digital review for cities and local governments

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How do e-government processes function in your city, if at all? Are there gaps between individual departments that disrupt workflows? To help you answer these questions, we review the state of digital development within your city or local government’s various business units, identify areas for optimization, and offer recommendations for future action.

If time is short, our digital quick-screening service can provide you with a fast and reliable overview of your digital positioning, and includes a comparison with other German cities and municipalities.