We support you throughout digital transformation processes

For many companies, digital transformation is key to the future. However, those looking to succeed in this area must not only consider aspects of technical implementation but also create the corresponding framework conditions.

And this is exactly where we offer our support. Aided by our studies, we evaluate the impact of digital transformation on business sectors and individual companies, or forecast the performance of entire digital industrial networks.

With our data asset management, you can tap the treasure trove of data that is already present within your company. We accompany you in evaluating your data, developing digital business models and making effective use of platforms.

If you’d like to find out about the opportunities that digitalization offers your company, how it can increase your business success or how you can optimally align your strategies and processes with smart manufacturing, we’re your ideal partner.

„In digitization, standards in Master Data are essential.
We offer purposeful and operationally helpful support.“

Thorsten Kroke,
Head of Digital Processes and Standards / ECLASS, IW Consult

Digital processes and standards

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Master data is the critical core data for business processes. To avoid complications of any kind, it’s important to ensure the proper standardization of this master data. As digital experts in this field, we offer companies impeccable expertise and operational excellence – from the standardization of classifications and descriptions to quality assurance and master data management.

We work with the ECLASS classification standard, the only international standard for goods and services that conforms to ISO/IEC standards. 

For the processes that are intended to drive digital transformation, we identify evidence-based benefits such as industry benchmarks or cost and time savings that can be achieved through the application of standards for master data.
You can find out more about ECLASS and customer motivation and benefits here

For the digital processes that take place within a digital transformation journey, we determine the relevance of master data standards and the depth and reach of digitalization in supply chain and master data management processes.

Digital HR

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Even in these times of increasingly digitalized work, well-qualified employees remain a company’s most valuable asset. Their experience, know-how and commitment all make an essential contribution to commercial success. But how will the demands on the qualifications and capacities of employees develop in the future? And how will you find these employees? who should you recruit and when?
In this “war of talents,” we assist you in developing holistic (digital) personnel strategies that contribute significantly to the success of a company.

These analyses also include a consideration of the status of your own employees: How digital are they? What motivates them? And what can a company do to provide employees professional development with optimal impact and thereby strengthen their loyalty to the company?

To answer all of these questions, we collect the relevant data from your company and use this to develop an empirically grounded case study tailored to your concerns. We also integrate large external databases in order to formulate and test hypotheses, flexibly and on a large scale.

Using this modern and agile mix of methods and sources with design thinking, as well as Delphi surveys combined with creative forms of documentation, we work with you to develop concepts and tools that will prepare you for the personnel-related matters of tomorrow.

The digital face of your company

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Companies use the internet to communicate and interact with their customers and partners, and your company is certainly no exception. But do you know your strengths and weaknesses? Or where you urgently need to adjust things? Or where you are the benchmark for the competition?

We can answer these questions for you by evaluating the data trails that your company – knowingly or unknowingly – leaves behind on the web.

We compile your DIGITAL INDEX on the basis of this “digital appearance.” Here, on the basis of thousands of individual characteristics, the breadth of the digital appearance is presented in eight dimensions and summarized as a single value – for around 3.5 million companies and institutions in Germany.

The internal digital check-up for your business

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What about the state of digitalization within your company? Are there potential disparities between different departments, leading to disruptions in the workflow? To answer these questions, we audit the digital maturity of various business units within your company, identify optimization potential and provide recommendations for action.

And if time is pressing, our digital quick-check will enable you to gain a quick and reliable overview of the state of digitalization within your business, even compared to other companies in your sector, whether it’s a service provider, larger industry or small trade firm.