We advise you on economic issues

Do you want to determine what economic or fiscal footprint your company has but don’t have an in-house economist? Then you’ve come to the right place. As an “economist on demand,” we’re at your disposal when economic processes are in need of analysis – regardless of whether they relate to micro or macroeconomics.

Ad hoc research

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Situations requiring the urgent delivery of relevant information can come up at any time – for example, when preparing for a meeting or press conference, or when quick action is needed. In these situations, we provide our clients consistent and dedicated support. Gathering the required data quickly and efficiently, and processing it to meet specific needs is our specialty. We can provide this and other unique forms of assistance, thanks to our online access to information about more than 1.5 million German and international companies.

Market insights

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Are you interested in taking a behind-the-scenes look at a specific market segment and gaining a fuller picture? We provide you with meaningful facts – structured and sorted in ways relevant to you. This is because alongside our years of experience in empirical economic research, we bring our unique scientific expertise to the table. Thanks to in-house research panels and our cooperation with selected partners, we offer our clients expert insights into regional or product-specific market segments, and we help them identify opportunities and risks at an early stage – in extreme cases with their own explanatory model for specific problems.

Macro perspective

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Society – and thus also the market economy – are subject to trends that also affect your business.

Our crystal ball for seeing into the future is comprised of official statistics, in-house and commercial databases, as well as proprietary panel data. This enables us to anticipate the macroeconomic effects of specific developments. We forecast changes in social structures or in markets and regions, allowing your business to prepare for and adapt to the changes ahead.

Business issues in macroeconomics

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Decisions on socially and economically relevant topics affect and influence entire markets. One example: How do exhaust emission standards impact sectors or regions? What are the effects of trade barriers on the macroeconomic context?

We provide you with the answers to these questions. We show you how your business is affected by current economic issues – and how you can respond.

Commodity check

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Commodities are the fuel of a business. If the well runs dry, the wheels stop turning. To prevent this from occurring, we use scientific methods to validate specific commodity risks for companies and business sectors. With the help of our databases, we can generate a tailored risk profile for every kind of business – regardless of whether you’re interested in the global supplier structure for copper, the static lifetime of titanium or investment volumes in Zimbabwean mining operations.