Smart products – A success strategy for SMEs

Small and medium-sized manufacturing companies are always on the lookout for new and attractive approaches to making successful products. We have developed a concept that implements digitalization in a highly practical way, turning your products into smart service bundles.

What is smartification?

  • The use of data to enhance previously purely physical products, turning them into smart service bundles (smart products)

  • The development of associated innovative business models (smart business)

  • The orientation of the company toward opportunities in the data economy (smart company) in order to tap new revenue sources

Smartification connects your products to the digital world

Smartification offers you a practical approach to digitalization: By intelligently enhancing your previously purely physical products using data, they become smart service bundles, or “smart products.” With this as a starting point, we then work with you to develop innovative business models for these smart products – the “smart business.” This smartification is aimed at transforming your entire company to take advantage of new opportunities – as a “smart company – and enables you to open up entirely new sources of revenue.


“Data makes products genuinely smart.”

Dr. Hilmar Klink
Innovation & Digitalization, IW Consult

Three steps from the strategic cornerstones to the smart product

In just a short time, interdisciplinary teams from your company work with our experts in an agile, results-oriented way to develop a usable prototype and appropriate business model that meets your customers’ current needs and future usage scenarios. All for a clearly calculable expense, and within a fixed time frame.


The results for your company

 A clear understanding of your digital potential

 Concrete, future-proofed concepts that are supported by your team

 Proof of concept for your digital business model

 A usable prototype at a fixed price

A backlog of product ideas ready to be implemented

Activation of all areas of the company

Your partner