We identify trends and structure their significance for sectors and markets

Which trends are fleeting? And which trends will go on to success? Against a backdrop of global and regional megatrends, our analyses provide the foundation for enduring success concepts that transform the key challenges of our time into real opportunities for future-oriented, positive development.

„We concretize the future.“

Hanno Kempermann,
IW Consult

Classification of important trends and their impacts

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Identifying megatrends is one thing. Developing the right analyses to respond appropriately is another – and this is what we do best. Our SWOT analyses provide you with all the answers to questions regarding the significance and impact of megatrends, for example on the topics:

  • Demographic change and securing skilled personnel
  • Innovation, technological change and networking
  • Growing mobility and infrastructure requirements
  • The importance of continuing internationalization for sectors

Processing empirical findings

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Getting across the results of empirical studies to the people who need to know is rarely straightforward. Contents are often discipline-specific, inter-relationships complex and analyses intricate. It is thus all the more important that the end results are processed in a manner that is clear and appropriate to the target group and media format. This can involve a variety of communication channels and formats, including brochures, press releases, presentations or subject-specific websites. Whatever the format, we know what we’re writing about and how to get it across effectively.