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Patentradar is a joint research product created by the business research institutes ECONOMICA and IW Consult.

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Intellectual property is becoming increasingly important in a global knowledge-based economy. Patents remain the most important asset. Patentradar unearths the secrets hiding in the fascinating world of patents to provide support for your strategic decisions.

Patentradar at a Glance

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Patentradar provides you with knowledge gleaned from the world's patent databases to help you in your business and strategic decisions. This joint research product from ECONOMICA and IW Consultlooks at all patent applications, whether in Europe, China or America. Patentradar identifies the kinds of innovations companies, inventors, corporations and research institutes are developing and patenting in real time. More than 90 non-proprietary and comprehensive patent databases are searched on a daily basis.

Our analyses provide more than just competition monitoring. Patentradar identifies entrepreneurial development potential for your own innovation strategy, detects the next pioneering technologies, locates potential innovation partners, and supports the generation of ideas.

Analytical Dimensions

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Our research delivers answers on four scalable basic evaluative dimensions that, when intelligently combined, can answer individual questions:

  • Competitor analyses allow companies to identify and monitor competitors or potential partners with precision.
  • Regional analyses consider the geographical dimension of patent applications by identifying innovation hotspots and networks.

  • The analysis of technological fields reveals where there's room for action and development and where there are existing connections among areas of technology and innovations. The patent classes and application fields assigned by patent offices are used to aid this analysis. Technology fields with content overlap can thus be mapped in this way.

  • Inventor analyses identify the most innovative minds, locate where they live and work, and visualise their networks.


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In addition, Patentradar offers the opportunity to sharpen the analytical precision of the four basic evaluation dimensions even further. Subordinate indicators such as time, industries, CPC and IPC classes, patent families, range etc. can be included in the four analyses. This allows us to deliver highly differentiated and precise results tailored to your questions, need and budget.

Your Results

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Basis for strategic planning and business decisions

Patentradar analyses provide support your strategic business decisions and setting of targets. The results we can obtain for you include simple database extracts, reports with commentary, presentations, and strategy workshops:

  • Monitoring: Tell us your relevant field. We will monitor developments and report on current events.

  • Database extracts: Obtain data on patent happenings on the basis of predefined criteria.

  • Report volumes: We will answer your questions through comprehensive analysis, interpret the data, and provide recommendations for action.

  • Presentations: We will present all our findings, conclusions and recommendations to your relevant decision-makers and answer questions.

  • Strategy workshops: We provide expert consultants to support you as you address complex issues and deliver patent analyses as a cornerstone to your R&D strategy. We would want to engage in an-depth discussion for this kind of project.

Talk to us. We will be glad to answer any questions you might have about the uses of Patentradar!

Patentradar not only counts patents, but also analyses them according to four dimensions:


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