Identify change and respond in good time

If you need specific sector-related information, then contact us. To provide you with the support you need, our work takes a two-pronged approach: First, we access online data from up to five million German and international companies and, thanks to our know-how, we can conduct analyses of these official and semi-official statistics that are tailored specifically to your area of interest. Second, we draw on our own surveys – with sample sizes up to the four-digit range – to collect primary statistical data and obtain specific insights into your concerns.

This allows us to analyze trends and their relevance for specific sectors, characterize markets and identify potential shifts in demand. We also use detailed input-output analyses to explore the extent to which your sector is connected to other sectors.

Our research spectrum ranges from conducting profitability analyses in machine construction to collecting data on innovation characteristics in specific sectors, all the way to examining the economic effects of the construction sector and evaluating startup ecosystems.

β€žThe Competence Center Industry bundles the expertise on this subject.β€œ


Dr. Thorsten Lang,
Head of Competence Center Industry,
IW Consult