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IW Consult GmbH

We develop recommendations for action and project ideas for real impact.

As specialists in the field of contract research and services, we operate where evidence-based science meets on-the-ground practice. Our client base encompasses a wide range of organizations, including companies, municipalities, associations, government ministries, foundations and public institutions. We offer evidence-based advice and support, providing our clients with facts, analyses and recommendations for action that are tailored to address specific issues.

IW Consult GmbH

Facts and figures

  • Established in:  1998
  • Employees:  30
  • Subsidiary of the German Economic Institute (IW)
  • Locations within the IW network: Cologne / Berlin / Brussels
  • Managing Directors: Dr. Henry Goecke, Hanno Kempermann
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Our mission

What drives us

As specialists in the field of contract research and services, we operate where evidence-based science meets on-the-ground practice. We assist our clients by providing factual information on matters of growth and development, facilitating sustainable communication, and serving as strategic partner in economic discussions.

Empirical and research-driven, we support executives and decision-makers by offering a range of options that help them decide with confidence.

The IW network

The German Economic Institute

As a subsidiary of the German Economic Institute, our clients benefit from our experience and close integration into the powerful IW network. In our projects, we align ourselves with the guiding principles of the German Economic Insitute: We adopt an independent, solution-driven, and socially relevant approach to each subject matter, while remaining open to alternative methodologies and embracing interdisciplinary collaboration.


Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft

The advisory board

Strategic partner for

Since October 2022, Dr. Klaus Hafemann, Prof. Dr. Michael Hüther, Prof. Dr. Boris Otto and Gerhard Witte have provided their support as members of the IW Consult GmbH advisory board.

Engaged in regular exchanges with the institute and each other, they help generate creative ideas for new methodologies, services and business models at IW Consult. The advisory board also helps develop existing ideas to meet ever-evolving market demands. Leveraging their extensive networks cultivated over many years, the advisory board members play a crucial role in forging valuable connections for IW Consult’s collaborations.


Who we are

A look behind the scenes


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