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Data quality

Professional consulting through data analysis

Data serves as the basis for quantitative analyses and empirically guided recommendations. Today, there is a huge variety of data sources available, offering different formats and quality levels. Selecting the right indicators for your applications and merging data from different sources are complex tasks. Our many years of experience help us identify the indicators most relevant to you and place them in the context of your project.


We guide you through the mountains of data

Data analysis uses empirical evidence to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your company, industry or region. We collect and analyze high-quality data focused on your specific needs, and use it to provide you with clear and comprehensible recommendations.

Broad reach

We identify the indicators relevant to you from public statistics, tools, corporate databases, Google/Twitter APIs and beyond.

Tailored to your needs

We combine primary and secondary data for you. We offer conclusions relevant to your specific problem, not a generic analysis.

Professional analysis

Our many years of experience enable us to classify and analyze the indicators most relevant to your questions, and to use the conclusions to make recommendations for you.

Meaningful representation

Our data-visualization expertise, especially with geospatial data, means we present and interpret the data for you using clear, comprehensive graphics.

Projects, studies and rankings

Data analysis experience

Merging data from a wide variety of sources enables meaningful analysis.


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