Checks & SWOT analyses:We evaluate business structures, and identify opportunities and risks

Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft Balkon


Custom risk profiles for raw materials, skilled workers and supplier structures

We condense complex analyses and structures to the essential elements needed to guide decisions. These are based on well-researched analyses of:

  • Supply-chain structures
  • Regional economic structures
  • Industry- and company-level business developments
  • Economic and social trends
  • Facilities and resources
  • Important factors such as raw materials, skilled workers and infrastructure

The results of these SWOT analyses can be used to compare similar actors, regions or industries with clarity and transparency.


Checks and strength-weakness profiles as a basis for your strategic planning

We identify opportunities and risks, and help you define goals and priorities.



We help you situate yourself in a broader business context.


We distill data to the most vital points, allowing you to make meaningful comparisons.

Goal orientation

We identify priorities and areas where action is needed.


We structure data, results and statements to help you reach your target group most effectively.


Our checks point the way forward

See more clearly with our:

  • Raw materials check: We create a customized risk profile for your raw material inputs.
  • Digital check: With our Digital Check, we compare your company’s digitization progress with other companies, identify challenges, and help make sure your planned measures hit their targets.

Projects, studies and rankings

Our checks and SWOT analyses lead to recommendations tailored to your business needs.


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