Statistical models:We analyze economic phenomena using econometric and descriptive methods and machine-learning tools

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Identify dependencies through statistical models

Statistical models can be used to identify cause-effect relationships and dependencies within (economic) data.

In their simplest form, regression analyses can help quantify correlations between variables, for example. Depending on the kind of data available, time series or panel data models can be used to analyze temporal dynamics and causal relationships. We use regression and machine-learning models for predictive purposes.


We transform data into information

We also identify hidden information in data. By doing so, we uncover relationships and identify dependencies that often prove useful in our studies and communications.

Identify business groups

What share of companies can be seen as digital, innovative or resilient? We can answer these and other questions by applying cluster analyses and formulating recommendations tailored to your target group’s needs.

Identify connections

As a first step, we analyze correlations and other dependencies, often revealing exciting trends.

Identify dependencies

A deeper analysis enables us to distinguish between correlations and causal relationships.

Model forecasts

Once a causal relationship has been identified, the potential outcome framework is in place. This allows us to answer questions such as: “What would Germany’s GDP be if there were 10% more startups?"

Projects, studies and rankings

Statistical models put our projects on a solid foundation.

We identify correlations and relationships, identify meaningful company clusters, and perform statistical significance tests.


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