Scenarios and forecasts:We develop creative guidance and assess risks based on data

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Scenarios and forecasts point the way forward

Disruptive technologies, market upheavals, crises: The future cannot be predicted. But you can prepare your organization. Creative guidance and data-based scenarios provide a robust foundation for strategic realignments and transformations. They lead to a clear understanding of the future (foresighting), which increases flexibility and generates effective strategies and concrete recommendations for action (foreacting).


A clear understanding of the future creates options

Our evidence-driven scenarios and forecasts point the way forward to a successful future. We help you capitalize on transformation opportunities and avoid the risks associated with implementation.

Evidence-driven and robust

Scenarios and forecasts based on figures, data and facts.

Inspired and unconventional

Guidance that opens up new and innovative perspectives.

Clear and tailor-made

Strategies for the future that show effective ways forward.

Actionable and results-driven

Recommendations that offer genuine inspiration.

Projects, studies and rankings

Data-based scenarios, creative guidance, effective future strategies


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