Decarbonization strategy:Transitioning toward a climate-neutral economy

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What is meant by decarbonization?

The German Climate Change Act clearly stipulates the goal of achieving climate neutrality by 2045. Most greenhouse gases are produced by the combustion of fossil fuels, which means we’ll need to achieve a sweeping transformation across all sectors. Everything from building heating systems and vehicle engines to industrial production processes will function differently in the future. In this evolving landscape, it is essential for our well-being that ensure a secure and competitive energy supply.



Why is decarbonization such a hot topic?

Transformation comes with risks, such as the possible erosion of our industrial base. But new opportunities are also emerging, in many cases thanks to new technologies.


Securing the future

Decarbonization will preserve the world for future generations.

Conserving resources

Renewable energies are fundamentally transforming our energy systems.

Taking responsibility

Many customers would prefer to purchase and consume green products, and they’re willing to pay for them.

Daring to lead

The world needs new technologies. Thanks to its global reach, Germany can supply them.

Projects, studies, rankings

Successful transformation with
evidence-based insights

Decarbonization means new territory for companies, politics and society. Data-based insights enable the successful realization of the transformation.


Blazing new trails without a map – not an easy task

This sweeping transformation comes with many uncertainties. Which technologies will emerge as dominant? Which solutions will prove to be most cost-efficient? In the transport sector, for example, should vehicles rely on batteries or hydrogen for power? Or could a combination of both be viable?
Businesses, consumers and policymakers have to make decisions under conditions of great uncertainty. Empirical evidence helps reduce this uncertainty. Moreover, successfully navigating the path to decarbonization requires a thorough consideration of the policy environment and its implications.


Expert voices

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Decarbonization strategy

For companies

For companies, decarbonization means a major shift, but also new markets and sales opportunities. In the absence of available turnkey solutions, firms face considerable uncertainty. We provide data on the business landscapes of tomorrow.

Possible applications for companies:

  • Find out which countries are decarbonizing particularly quickly, so that your business can take advantage of opportunities there.
  • Find out how the ecological transformation is unfolding based on carefully thought-out forecasts and scenarios.
  • Find out what new regulations are being discussed and what’s being said about them, so that your company can make their voice heard.

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Decarbonization strategy

For foundations and associations

Foundations and associations can help shed light on the opportunities and risks associated with decarbonization that are relevant for specific groups, while elucidating its potential impact on prosperity in Germany more generally. We provide the analyses these organizations need.

Possible applications for foundations and associations:

  • Analyze the likely impact of decarbonization, and how it will affect specific groups.
  • Analyze the factors that inhibit and promote decarbonization, and develop focused action plans and alternatives.
  • Analyze which companies and actors are already pursuing decarbonization strategies, and establish where they are based.
  • Conduct company surveys and case studies that help assess decarbonization progress, determine how this can be accelerated, and identify companies at risk of being left behind.
  • Conduct international comparisons pertaining to decarbonization and its impacts.

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Decarbonization strategy

For cities and municipalities

Decarbonization affects cities and municipalities to varying degrees. Local governments need information that helps them determine where they stand, who is facing similar challenges and what solutions are available to them. We provide the regional expertise they need.

Possible applications for cities and municipalities:

  • Assess how effectively your region is decarbonizing, and compare it with progress in other regions.
  • Create a decarbonization roadmap that preserves economic opportunities and analyzes other regions’ decarbonization measures.
  • Identify the best ways forward given current conditions and expected developments.

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