De/Globalization:The shifting path of
globalization – strategies for
new opportunities and risks

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In brief

What does de/globalization mean?

The megatrend of globalization has had a profound impact on the (economic) world in recent decades. It has facilitated mutual benefits among people worldwide, but it has also led to increased competition. Initially, globalization primarily emphasized relationships of exchange, the division of labor, and the economic growth and prosperity that this facilitates. However, in recent years, protectionist tendencies have been on the rise, as has the prospect of new blocs emerging. It is essential that we harness the continuing opportunities presented by globalization and adeptly manage its associated risks.



Why is
such a hot topic?

Globalization is essential to Germany’s economic success. The country must therefore continue to capitalize on the opportunities presented and mitigate the risks faced.

New markets

Growing markets offer new sales opportunities.


Alternative supply chains reduce potential risks.

Global solutions

Achieving more climate protection together.


The global division of labor is a key driver of economic well-being.

Projects, studien, rankings

Understanding globalization
better with data

Data helps to identify where Germany stands in comparison to other countries and where new markets are emerging. It provides the basis for successful globalization.


Identifying opportunities and risks so that you can act with precision

De-/Globalization is transforming the flow of goods and economic structures everywhere. Procurement can take place globally at one or multiple locations, and other countries may experience growth in entirely different markets.  Measuring these changes helps identify factors that influence positive development as well as risks. This enables us to present appropriate courses of action and alternatives, as we strengthen our local markets and economies.

Expert voices

What our experts are saying


For businesses

For businesses, globalization and deglobalization entail a constant reassessment of their international activities. Our analyses of international data enable businesses to identify opportunities for expanding markets and potential risks in procurement.

Possible applications for companies:

  • Identifying alternative sources for specific product categories in procurement.
  • Identifying growing markets for certain products globally.
  • Identifying the effects along international value chains.

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For foundations, government ministries and associations

German foundations, government ministries, and associations prioritize Germany as a strategic location and raise awareness about potential risks. They offer tailored guidance on enhancing prosperity within the country. At IW Consult, we provide the necessary analyses to support their efforts.

Possible applications for foundations, ministries and associations:

  • Analyzing global economic developments.
  • Analyzing the impact of globalization and deglobalization on the German economy.
  • Conducting surveys and case studies on corporate strategies and action areas.
  • Developing measures to promote structural change in Germany and enhance prosperity.

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For cities and municipalities

Cities and municipalities, despite their local nature, are significantly influenced by decisions made in other parts of the world. We offer valuable insights to help them accurately understand the situation and make informed decisions.

Possible applications for cities and municipalities:

  • Analyzing the regional business landscape and its international orientation.
  • Analyzing the industry-specific value chains of key local companies.
  • Highlighting the importance of international industrial companies for economic resilience.
  • Evaluating regional profiles in light of global competition.

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