New developments:Decarbonization, de-/globalization,
demographic change and
digital transformation

Abstraktes Bild von Geschäftsleuten hinter einer Weltkugel

Current megatrends

Who’s affected?

Megatrends affect all of us!

The four “big Ds” – decarbonization, deglobalization, demographic change and digital transformation – are having a profound long-term impact across all industries, technologies and social groups. They will ultimately transform the way we live and do business.

The four big "D"

Dynamic drivers of change

The world of tomorrow begins today. Megatrends are already having a visible impact across our societies, driving social, technological and economic change. Those who understand these powerful forces will help shape the future.




Transitioning toward a climate-neutral economy – unlocking new markets and securing existing ones

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De-/ Globalization

The shifting path of globalization – new opportunities and risks

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Demographic change

Demographic change

Our societies are changing – the threat posed by skilled worker shortages

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Digital Transformation

Digital transformation

Technological change in business and society – taking us into the new digital age

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Projects, studies, rankings

Understand mega trends, develop suitable course of action, shape the future

Well-founded data and creative insights make megatrends and their effects tangible, allowing effective strategies for the future to be developed.

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