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Identify weaknesses with digital maturity models

With our maturity models, we comprehensively assess your company's digital maturity, and identify weak points. We use the results to develop a customized digital strategy that lets you plan and successfully carry out your organization’s digital transformation.


Long-term success with digital strategies

How digital is your company? Are disparities between different departments disrupting your workflows? We assess the digital maturity level of your company’s business units, identify areas that can be optimized and make recommendations.

Objective assessment

Our maturity models provide an evidence-based assessment of your company’s digital maturity.

Identify weaknesses

Digital maturity models show where resources and investments can be used more effectively.

Measure progress

Our maturity models help you ensure you’re making the right digital investments.

Promote innovation

With the right digital strategy, companies can promote innovation, develop new products and business models, and grow.

Projects, studies and rankings

Digital maturity models and digital strategies

Digital standards for business

Reduce costs, increase productivity and ensure quality! Digital data standards are essential in creating a coherent, interoperable and high-quality digital landscape that can fully exploit the potential of digital technologies.

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