Digital Transformation:Technological change in business and society

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In brief

What does digital transformation mean?

The process of digital transformation is having a pervasive impact on every facet of life and work. As a cross-cutting technology, it entails the conversion of products, processes and business models into digital formats for a vast majority of companies. Companies that have invested in digitalization are already experiencing notable levels of success compared to their counterparts. Technologies such as artificial intelligence, digital twins, the digital networking of production, and cloud computing are unlocking tremendous opportunities. At the same time, companies that fail to proactively engage in digitalization face a variety of potential risks and disadvantages.



Why is digital transformation such a hot topic?

Adopting digitalization presents a multitude of opportunities, encompassing cost reduction and enhanced sales performance. Moreover, it serves as a catalyst for bolstering business resilience, promoting sustainability and enabling heightened competitiveness.


Artificial intelligence

In the future, AI will possess the capability to autonomously generate code, facilitate the automation of processes and, by harnessing novel connections between data, pave the way for unprecedented digital business models.

Digital networking

The integration of networked production within a smart manufacturing ecosystem leads to remarkable gains in productivity. Effective communication among machines, equipment and humans results in error reduction and heightened efficiency.


Cutting-edge technologies such as neural networks can be deployed securely and in a user-friendly manner within a cloud environment, eliminating the necessity for extensive IT expertise.

Digital twin

As an industrialized country, Germany must succeed in combining its outstanding engineering expertise with digital know-how. Digital replicas of production serve as a foundational building block for accomplishing this objective.

Projects, studies, rankings

Longstanding experience with digital transformation

Whether maturity models, digital standards, impact analyses or roadmaps: We develop custom-tailored solutions for digital transformation for every customer.


We need to emphasize the importance and benefits of digitalization

Our maturity models show that many companies face challenges in rolling out digital products, processes and business models. Currently, only about 20 percent of companies can be described as digitally mature. However, the competition is fierce. U.S. and Chinese tech giants have taken the lead, particularly in the B2C sector. In this context, Germany must strive to become a leader in digitalization and leverage its core competency in B2B. While there are encouraging signals among large corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises need to catch up.


Expert voices

What our experts are saying

Digital Transformation

For companies

We offer valuable insights to both digitalization providers and users. For cloud providers and tech giants, we conduct in-depth impact studies, while for users, we assess their digital maturity levels and provide tailored recommendations.

  • We explain how the German economy gains advantages from tech giants and digital startups.
  • We help companies assess and elevate their digital maturity levels.
  • We showcase successful companies that serve as inspiration for other businesses.

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Digital Transformation

For foundations and associations

We work closely with foundations, ministries and associations to foster the optimal implementation of digital transformation across companies, government entities and other stakeholders.

  • e use dedicated digital maturity models to determine how prepared specific industries and regions are to understand and adapt to ongoing technological change.
  • We draw on company surveys and expert interviews to develop strategies for leveraging digital opportunities in Germany, individual regions and specific industries.
  • We embed digitalization within broader contexts such as sustainability.

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Digital Transformation

For cities and municipalities

Cities and municipalities play a crucial role in digitalization by offering strong infrastructure and open data, and by serving as catalysts for demand, particularly in Smart City initiatives. We provide cities and municipalities with assistance in formulating roadmaps and digitalization strategies.

  • We assess the capabilities of local digital infrastructure.
  • We provide illustrative examples of the potential beneficiaries of emerging technologies like 6G.
  • We demonstrate the importance of establishing optimal digital frameworks to thriving local economies.

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