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Transparency and clarity with competitive analyses

From technological progress and decarbonization to regulatory changes and new international competitors, companies, industries and entire regions face a perpetually changing competitive environment. Our competitive analyses and market and industry studies help you keep your eye on the big picture, assess the impact of new trends and make the right decisions for lasting success.



Identify trends – seize opportunities

We spotlight the trends most relevant to you, and give you the analysis you need to make decisions. With our help, you’ll identify concrete options and evaluate their competitive advantages and disadvantages.


Competitive environment

We analyze your competitors and competitive environment.


We identify and analyze key trends.


We assess the opportunities arising from your specific competitive position.


We identify your competitive options.

Projects, studies and rankings

Data that points the way forward

Competitive analysis provides transparency in a variety of contexts. From companies to regions to the global economy, our analyses always fit the approach to the problem.


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