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ECLASS Standard

Common language for humans and machines

Since the foundation of ECLASS e.V. in 2000, we have been responsible for the association’s operational management and services. In addition to handling administrative and commercial activity, developing the ECLASS Standard is at the heart of what we do. Once a year, we release a new ECLASS version that is the product of our cooperation with experts from various industries. IW Consult is responsible for coordinating and providing support for the expert groups and committees.


ECLASS - benefits, goals and uses

Our customer survey on the implementation of ECLASS shows how much companies can save by using it. Details regarding savings in costs can be found in the “ECLASS - Benefits, goals and uses” brochure.

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Reducing costs

Making purchasing, merchandise management and sales more efficient by bundling volumes and streamlining the variety of goods.

Increasing productivity

Strengthening ROI and time-to-market with continuous processes, automated interfaces and standardized product information.

Ensuring quality

Exchange of engineering and CAx data across borders efficiently and without any loss of data.

Staying future-proof

Semantic interoperability - the basis for machine-to-machine communication, I4.0 applications and the digital twin.

Opening up international sales markets

Exchange of product master data digitally in 17 languages across all borders - making good use of electronic catalogs and digital marketplaces.

Optimizing processes sustainably

Saving time and money thanks to harmonized data along the entire value chain – from development to production, sales and controlling to maintenance.

International and successful

ECLASS is the global reference data standard for the classification and unambiguous description of products and services. By using the standard, companies reduce their costs and increase the quality of their products.

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Digital processes and standards

As digital experts, we provide know-how and operational excellence

Master data is the crucial core data for business processes. To avoid complications or inaccurate data, master data must be standardized. As digital experts, we provide companies with know-how and operational excellence in this area - from standardization in classification and product description to the development of advanced software solutions for the Asset Administration Shell (AAS) and the Digital Twin.

For our customer, ECLASS e.V., we develop in close cooperation with experts from industry and trade, the ECLASS Standard, the only worldwide used data standard for goods and services, which is ISO/IEC standard compliant. For BCON² GmbH, a subsidiary of ECLASS e.V., which is specialized in services around the ECLASS standard, we provide the management and develop digital tools for the use of the ECLASS Standard in the Asset Administration Shell.

In addition, we develop new standardization concepts and advise and support companies in digitalization. For processes within the digital transformation, we determine the importance of master data standards, the degree of digitalization in supply chain processes or master data management, and cost and time savings that can be achieved by using master data standards.

Projects, studies, rankings

Examples from the field of digitalization and standardization


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