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Digital Atlas Germany

Digital education as a
key to growth and jobs

The Digital Atlas of Germany was drawn up by IW Consult and presents a wide-ranging analysis of progress made on digitalisation in important social spheres and economic sectors in Germany.

Digitalisation has very positive connotations for businesses, educational establishments and nongovernmental organisations (NGOs). They believe it presents considerably more opportunities than risks. Businesses currently generate a good 15 per cent of their turnover from digital products or services, and they expect that turnover to increase over the next five years; they will continue investing heavily in these big growth markets. Investing in digitalisation delivers a digital pay-off in the form of yields. The main obstacles businesses face are a lack of skills and skilled labour, the as yet insufficiently digitalised supplier and customer environment, and legal uncertainty surrounding digitalisation. In addition to a lack of digital skills, NGOs and educational establishments have to contend with a lack of funding to invest in IT. As a result, businesses, NGOs and educational establishments alike need a broad range of support, ranging from financial support to make the necessary investments, to training courses to build employees’ digital capacities, to types of virtual collaboration and online marketing.

Digital-Atlas Germany



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