How well is your region prepared for digital transformation?

Digital technologies are increasingly shaping our way of life and their breakneck development is opening up new fields of work every day.

Many companies are already pursuing the opportunities offered by smart manufacturing. These companies are on the lookout for suitable use cases and support with finding cooperation partners and IT specialists.

How well-prepared is your region for this challenge? Are there sufficient anchor points that will benefit forward-thinking companies?

We give you professional answers to these and many other questions. We employ a variety of analysis tools to ensure that our forecasts are as detailed as possible.

Our city ranking highlights 13 forward-looking indicators that help you determine how fit for the future your region is. Equipped with this information, local authorities can take an unbiased view of their competitiveness and gain insight into those areas they can target in advance regional development.

Our web crawling tool determines how open an economy is to Industry 4.0. Just one of our projects included the participation of 250 companies in a survey on innovation and skilled personnel, as well as interviews with 40 experts from administration, companies and associations. The results were compiled in a conclusive study that set the trend among commissioning bodies.

Unsere Unterst├╝tzung bei der digitalen Transformation von St├Ądten und Kommunen

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  • Assessing the digital maturity of regions or cities
  • Development of digitalization strategies
  • Analysis of the impacts of digitalization on the world of work
  • Strategies for promoting the digital startup scene
  • Analyses of internet and mobile access