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Data standards

Work more efficiently through standardization

Data standards ensure that data can be gathered, stored and exchanged with consistency and uniformity.  Without standards, data can exist in different formats and structures, making it incomprehensible and unusable. By establishing common standards, companies and organizations ensure that data can be smoothly exchanged between systems and platforms, without errors.

This interoperability is a necessary prerequisite for successful digitalization.


Reduce costs, increase productivity, ensure quality

Digital data standards are necessary to create a coherent, interoperable and high-quality digital landscape that can fully exploit the potential of digital technologies.


Data standards enable different systems to exchange data and communicate with each other.


Data standards allow data to be processed more rapidly and easily. This increases the efficiency of data acquisition, storage and analysis.


Data standards ensure that data can be gathered and stored in a uniform way. This helps to avoid inconsistencies and errors.


Data standards allow data to be compared and analyzed regardless of their original source or system.

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Standards for business

Master data are crucial for business processes. As digital experts, we provide know-how and operational excellence – from standardization for the purposes of classification and description to quality assurance and master data management.


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