Innovation and digitalization: two critical parameters for success.

The division of labor continues to grow, processes and products are becoming increasingly more complex and the life cycles of processes shorter. - In all these developments, digital transformation is the cross-cutting technology for the entire economy. For innovators and digital pioneers, these developments offer great opportunities – for those lagging behind, however, they hold great risks.

Analyzing digitalization’s significance for individual sectors

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Despite the high investment required, most German companies see digital transformation as an opportunity. Yet each sector faces a specific set of circumstances that must be addressed effectively. That’s where we come in. We offer expertise that helps you identify key environmental factors such as ideal partners, and we develop recommendations and project ideas tailored to your needs.

Strategies for improving innovation capacity

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Innovation is the key to competitiveness. That’s why formulating innovation strategies is one of our core competences. Germany’s unique selling point is its industrial innovation, which has helped secure the country’s prosperity. Drawing on a comprehensive set of methodological approaches, ranging from data and patent analyses to technology foresight studies and regional innovation-system reports, we offer insights into how innovative activities can be enhanced and innovation networks expanded.