Accessibility analyses:We analyze travel times – for all of Germany and the locations of your choice

Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft Balkon


Informed location decisions based on valid data

Accessibility data forms the foundation for well-informed location decisions. Whether you're contemplating site closures or selecting new locations, analyzing accessibility is essential for making informed choices.

We calculate these travel times precisely at the municipal, district and federal state levels, as well as within your business territory. We help you analyze the results and (algorithmically) optimize your locations.


We make informed location decisions possible

We analyze the accessibility of your locations according to your chosen criteria. Whether you’re comparing your locations with competitor sties, evaluating the accessibility of the region’s public facilities or optimizing your own branch locations, we provide meaningful calculations and analyses to support you.


Accessibility and location evaluations reflecting real-world conditions.

Comprehensive assessment

Accessibility on foot, by bike or by car.

Foster growth

Optimize proximity to your customers to enhance your services.

Reduce costs

Identify weaknesses and optimize locations.

Projects, studies and rankings

Accessibility analyses

An evidence-based foundation for forward-looking decisions.


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