Meta-analyses:We analyze and consolidate the findings of relevant studies, offering you a comprehensive overview

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Our meta-analyses provide concise summaries of relevant discoveries

For numerous subjects, multiple studies have been conducted, each employing different methodologies and exploring the issue from various angles. Consequently, these studies often yield conflicting results – not necessarily indicating any inaccuracies. We present a scientifically rigorous comparison of these approaches, bringing transparency to the way different methodologies and perspectives produce different outcomes.


Gain insights into the research landscape

Existing studies often contain valuable information that can inform your decision-making process.
Through our meta-analyses, we deliver a systematic comparison of key findings and conclusions.

Key findings

Streamlined overview of the most important study findings and conclusions.


A scientifically robust comparison of methodologies to explain differences between results.


A comprehensive overview of the relevant literature.


We serve as a sounding board for your own assessment of the research landscape.

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We tailor our services to your project’s needs.

We work closely with you to identify relevant studies and surveys, ensuring a clear understanding of your objectives. Our focus is on gathering the most relevant findings and evidence. We bring transparency to the underlying assumptions, methods and perspectives, presenting the results in a clear and accessible manner, tailored to your communication needs.

Projects, studies and rankings

Examples of meta-analyses

Our meta-analyses cover a broad range of issue areas, and bring transparency to the study landscape.


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