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We bundle expertise in the field of industry.

Since 1998, we have been helping companies, associations and politicians to understand the global changes in the industry and to master the resulting challenges.



We analyze trends with research and benchmarks and highlight opportunities and risks. With the help of our data, you can identify changes early on.


We show you your current position and what is happening around you. Explore your courses of action with us and set new impulses.

Empirical foundation

You can build on our results. As a specialist for data-driven analyses, our studies contain - in addition to sound theses - a strong empirical foundation.


Our data becomes your message. We provide you with sound information for public communication.

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How companies master permanent change

Industry is a driver of prosperity, internationalization, productivity and research and development - we have evidence of that. At the same time, it is subject to permanent change. We show you how companies can master this change.

  • Structures
  • Importance
  • Important drivers of success
  • Business models
  • Benchmark industry


Keeping track on developments

The analysis of future trends is the focus of IW Consult. With our IW Future Panel, we provide deep insights into the corporate world. We know how trends develop and how they impact the German economy.

  • Trends
  • Market development
  • Investments
  • Business plans
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Opportunities and risks

Using opportunities and identifying risks

The world is changing. This change offers companies opportunities, but also poses risks. IW Consult regularly analyzes these opportunities and risks and identifies new approaches or courses of action.

  • Digitalization
  • Innovations/Patents
  • Networks
  • Standards
  • Certificates


Identifying and serving needs

Markets are changing. Which are the major markets? Where are the dynamics taking place? And what about access to these markets? With our comprehensive national and international databases, we find that out.

  • Market development
  • Market volume
  • Shifts in demand
  • New markets
  • Tariffs
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Remaining competitive

The change also affects competitors: While in the past it was exclusively the classic industrialized countries, today it is countries like China that have become new competitors. Where do we stand in this competition? Where does your industry/company stand in this competition? And where is competition being distorted? We provide answers.

  • Traditional competitors
  • New competitors
  • Market power
  • Level the playing field

In Environment

The interaction between environment and economy

The balance between economic growth and the protection of natural resources is vital to secure the future of our globalized society. The interaction between environment and economy is crucial for the sustainable development of our society: By using natural resources responsibly and promoting environmentally friendly technologies, longterm economic success can be achieved without causing damage to the environment. We work with you to develop the right strategy.

  • Sustainability
  • Resource efficiency
  • Ecological Footprint
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Location optimization as the foundation for success

Compared to service providers, a successful industry is particularly dependent on suitable framework and location conditions. We know the relevant factors, have an overview of their characteristics in Germany and abroad, and know how the competitiveness of Germany as a business location or of a specific region can be strengthened.

  • Relevant factors
  • National / international comparison
  • Current changes
  • Opportunities for improvement
  • Strengthening of regions

Projects, studies, rankings

Our research and studies impact the future!


Your direct line to us: We look forward to hearing from you.

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