Our research enables regions to compete

Cities and local governments are constantly engaged in competition. What can they offer people and businesses to encourage them to move to or stay in a region? What are the megatrends to which cities must respond? Dealing with megatrends is a complex undertaking, and our research gives you what you need to make sound decisions.

Region-specific strength-weakness profiles

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Our detailed SWOT analyses provide insights on such issues as:

• Demographic change and securing skilled personnel: How can regions meet future demands for skilled labor?

• Reurbanization and the declining attractiveness of rural areas: How can rural regions increase their attractiveness?

• Innovation and interconnectedness: What are the potential synergies between companies, research communities and administrative bodies?

• Increasing mobility and investment in infrastructure: Which infrastructure investments are needed today in order to be ready for future developments?

• Growing internationalization and competition between regions: What are the factors that can be influenced and are central to a region’s competitiveness as a business location?

Ranking of regions

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The comparison that makes you smarter. The IW Consult regional ranking puts all 401 cities and administrative districts of Germany to the test. We collect detailed data over a five-year period on their economic structures, labor markets and quality of life.

Development of forward-thinking concepts for success

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There are many roads to success. But there’s only one that’s built on solid ground – and that’s what you get from us. Against the backdrop of regional megatrends, our analyses provide you the foundation you need to formulate lasting concepts for success that transform challenges into genuine opportunities for forward-thinking, positive development.

Measuring the attractiveness of regions

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Do you want to know how attractive people find your region? Our Regional Opportunity Monitor (ROM) gives you the answers key to assessing your region’s future. We analyze migration flows, map out locational advantages and disadvantages, and assess demographic developments. This provides you with the unbiased information you need to make the decisions that will increase your region’s attractiveness.